The Bird Lady

10th Anniversary Special Edition of The Bird Lady.
Roni loves her quiet, peaceful life. She fills her days with gardening, birding, and running a quiet bookstore.But her beloved neighbor Mabel suddenly suffers a debilitating stroke. Mabel’s son Bennett, a biker and an ex-con, arrives out of nowhere to take care of Mabel. Mabel’s resulting illness brings about unexpected changes for both Roni and Bennett.
In this sweet romance, lives change drastically when opposites attract.
Includes A Very Birthday Christmas, plus two never before available short stories, and the first chapter of the next novel in the series.

Crafting Christmas

Darla runs a craft store with her grandmother.
Caleb just moved to town.
Just before the town’s Christmas decorating contest, new-to-town Caleb runs into Darla. Or at least into her outdoor Christmas tree.
Darla and Caleb both scramble to get ready for the contest, but will they find romance instead?

A sweet Christmas romance novella.