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Wild Wednesday #5: Social Distancing

Garren: So what is this whole social distancing thing all about? Indigo: It's because of the COVID-19 virus. People are staying home and keeping their distance from each other to try to stop the spread of the virus. Sort of a self-quarantining situation. Garren: Huh. So Judy and her husband's regular lifestyle is referred to… Continue reading Wild Wednesday #5: Social Distancing

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Wild Wednesday #2: We’re Back!

Garren: Hello, everyone. We're back! Indigo: Explain what is happening. Garren: We are two of Judy's characters. And we are taking over this blog. Indigo: For now. Garren: For now? No. Forever! Indigo: No, she won't like that. She's going to be mad we're doing this much. Garren: She said I could. Indigo: She did?… Continue reading Wild Wednesday #2: We’re Back!

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Wild Wednesday #1: The Take-Over

*tap* *tap* *tap* Garren: Is this thing on? Indigo: I think so. Garren: Is it working? Indigo: You have to use the keyboard. Garren: But I have Dragon Speech. Indigo: Just because you're a dragon, doesn't mean you have Dragon Speech. Garren: Indigo: Garren: I speak Dragon. Indigo: I speak wolf, what's your point? Garren:… Continue reading Wild Wednesday #1: The Take-Over