Site Overhaul and Health Update

I have decided that I am going to retire the blog. Getting this far through cancer, the fatigue that goes along with it, and the other health issues I have, I have had to reassess my endurance. I am making choices of how to spend my time and energy. I have decided that the energy that I have needs to be dedicated to my writing as opposed to my blogging. Hopefully, this will allow me more time and energy to get more stories and books written. I will post the occasional health update, but following on Facebook or Twitter might be the better place to follow me for those kinds of updates.

This site is in the process of becoming more of a standing website with info about my books, series reading orders, and announcements of upcoming publications.

I apologize the the regular readers of this blog, but my health has to come first and hard choices have to be made. I am still healing from my radiation treatments, and things are going well with that. I just have had a lot of time to focus on what is important and my fiction writing needs to be put ahead of weekly updates. There is the possibility of restarting the blog in the future, never say never. But for now, the focus needs to be on getting back on track with my fiction writing. Hopefully I will have more books and short stories available in the near future as I get my energy back and start to feel healthier.

Thank you for reading. Stay safe out there.