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Midweek Check-In: Radiation and Cone-Head

I had my first radiation treatment yesterday. It went fine. Much easier than I thought. The doctor came in to talk to me at the end of it. She said that with my Meniere’s Disease, to be ready for the fatigue to set in early. I asked how early, and she said, “Probably today.”

I felt fine on the drive home, a hint of being a little tired, but I didn’t sleep well the night before. Then, around 4:00, fatigue hit me like I slammed into a brick wall. I could barely function for a few hours. Luckily, it supposedly can come and go. I felt okay sitting down, but when I stood up, it was like being pushed to the floor. This will be a fun ten weeks.

But 1/20 done!

Amos is still having a little trouble with his toe. He’s on antibiotics. We have to back them off once in a while because he has tummy issues with them sometimes. And he needs to stop licking his toe. So he is wearing the cone of shame. A lot. He is usually very cooperative when we put it on him. Like he is relieved to have the responsibility of licking lifted off of him. He hates wearing it for long periods of time though.

Hopefully the rest of this week will pass smoothly. Stay safe everyone!