Sunday Summaries #29: Vet Visit and Library Week Letdown

We had to take Amos to the vet this last Sunday. He had a cracked toenail that needed to be removed. We think he smacked it on the metal rail for the sliding glass door. Once in a while, we hear a horrible sound when he runs outside and he yanks his hind foot up towards his body like it hurt. So we think he kicks it when he’s going in/out the back door.

The procedure went fine. They had to remove the entire nail. The vet put him under to do it. So once we got him home, he slept pretty much until 3:30 the next morning. So we just hung out with him all evening. Whenever he woke up, we were there, so he could drift back off peacefully. The bandage was quite large, but he mostly left it alone, like a Good Boy!

We took the bandage off on Thursday. It looks fine. No infection. But he REALLY wants to lick it, so he is wearing the cone of shame when we can’t closely supervise him. But otherwise, he is doing well.

Writing has once again been slow. I think I am still recovering from my two surgeries. But the streak is unbroken. Just a small word count that is plugging along.

Also, my library card expired during National Library week. Ironic, huh? I never got a renewal notice (which should be automated.) But they got the renewal done same day, so I am good for another year! But during a lockdown, I was slightly panicked at the thought of being without a library card.

Picture of the Week: Amos coming out of surgery. He was so goofy-happy it was ridiculous.

This last week:
Writing Streak = 261 days
Word Count = 2250
New Stories Finished = 0
Streaming Binges = Gilmore Girls; Top Shot; Legacies; Chuck
Currently Reading = Emma by Jane Austen; Ink and Bone by Rachel Caine; Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (audiobook) by J.K. Rowling