Introducing Sunday Summaries

2020 is going to be a big year for me. Lots of writing and learning the craft and business of writing. I will be doing a mentorship with one of my writing heroes, so my expectations for myself are high. 

So in preparation for 2020, I am starting now. I am in the process of increasing the time that I have my butt in the chair and am either writing or doing workshops to improve my knowledge of the craft/business of writing.

I’ve had a few people asking a lot of questions about the mentorship and my writing progress, so I am planning on doing (at least) a weekly update of my progress here. I don’t want to promise too much, because I don’t want to have blogging or social media eating up my writing time. But I don’t think a weekly round up should be too much to start with.

Again, I am going to go ahead and start now, instead of waiting until 2020. Why? Because I need to develop the habits now. That way, when January 1st hits, I’m already in the groove that I would like to be in rather than starting from nothing. 

Writing with a chronic illness is a slow build. I mostly am working on increasing my stamina for writing and focusing for longer periods of time. Sometimes I am very successful at it, other times I am really not. But if I don’t at least try, I won’t get anywhere.

I will write about my chronic illness in another post. I will also be writing about the fact that my husband had a heart transplant less than a year ago, and about how these last two years have broken my service dog. But those will be future posts.

Right now, I am battling a bout of insomnia caused by my allergies. So I am sleeping little and keeping odd hours. But ironically, those odd hours are my most productive. 

I am on a writing streak of 72 days writing every day, no matter what. On bad days, I only write 500 words (because it’s better than nothing) and on good days, I have gotten 2000+ words. I want to increase that, but that will take better scheduling on my part.

This last week has been a slow week because of the lack of sleep has been catching up with me, but I have still managed to write every day. 

It was a slow week appointment-wise, one for my husband and one for my dog, so I think that helped to keep me sane this week. 

Picture Of The Week: Amos test-driving his new winter blanket.

Test-driving the soft new winter blanket.

Writing streak = 72 days
Word Count = 5300
Workshop Sessions = 7

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